Startle me and you’ll lose hearing for a sec.

My reaction to being startled is this image precisely. →scream       I am always so jumpy for whatever reason that I will scream as if an intruder has just entered my home and is going to kidnap me. I scream, gasp for air, and while my heart is beating faster than the speed of light I am usually yelling at whoever did that to me. I am not sure exactly why I get startled so easily. I’ll be cooking or washing dishes (so my back is turned from the rest of the kitchen) and that man of mine will sneak up on me and there I am screaming. He laughs, I yell and then we continue on with our evening. This event takes place about thirty more times a evening; so you would naturally think I’d become immune to getting so scared. Nope. Just like the first time…every time. So if any of you have some killer scare stories and/or suggestions for some payback; comment below! If its a good one I’ll video tape it and do a vlog.

4 thoughts on “Startle me and you’ll lose hearing for a sec.

  1. I hate being startled as well. But I actually get MAD. My housemate (husband) has learned to start making noise as he is approaching me to try and avoid a “startle”. He coughs, clears his throat, talks to the dog, etc. Doesn’t always work, but it does help.

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