My thighs are hungover.

Like seriously hung-over. All shaky, dehydrated, and just don’t want to work. Ive gotten more serious about working out to look fabulous for my big day. My boyfriend fiancé (I am still trying to get used to this terminology) has always been very into working-out and has always inspired me to do so as well. I have done more than I would EVER before we started dating. But NOW I have been very diligent on doing my “work-outs”. Even though it has only been a week of better consistency (I’m not going to say perfect..) I must say that I feel better, overall. I’m not necessarily fitting into any of my clothes better or ready to be walking around in a bathing suit at the lake BUT I feel better; happier, healthier, and more productive. All that crap you read about feeling better being linked with fitness is true.

Who wudda thunk it! 

However my biggest struggle is food. Precisely PIZZA. Love love pizza. Like a lot. It has always been my go to lunch food. It just brings pure ecstasy to my taste buds. I even contemplated serving pizza at my wedding. I mean who doesn’t enjoy pizza?! I won’t be doing but it did cross my mind. Sadly, in order for all the working out to make a difference apparently you have to change your diet as well. So when I came across the video below I could relate oh so well.

“I feel so HANGRY; breakfast, dinner, and lunch”


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