Mass Media

I’m not anti-social, I’m just not user friendly. 

Being in my quarter life crisis I have experienced MySpace. Oh gosh- that was my favorite. Picking my Top 8 daily….if you pissed me off in the slightest..Buh Byessss! (Mind you this was during high school years; emotions and feelings flying in every direction.) Spending COUNTLESS hours learning html codes and completely customizing my page. Yes I could write a killer html layout. I could let my inner nerd out and be cool cause my site was so bad-ass! Loved that dang thing.  MySpace started to fade extremely quickly once Zuckerberg revolutionized and brought us Facebook. I naturally jumped on the Facebook-bandwagon; who hasn’t? You have friend requests from your mom’s cousin’s third wife; you stay connected. I also get involved with Instagram. But I pretty much stopped there. All of these other social media outlets; Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope, Vine, and all the other countless ones I KNOW nothing about. I started to have an self realization. I’m old. I would rather stick to the few I know how to use and prefer NOT to learn yet another social media account. I wish I could get the hang of Twitter. But sadly I just do not get it. And to be honest I don’t have the motivation to learn it. ←That’s when it hit me. You know you have those few older family members who refuse to learn the computer or a smart phone cause that just don’t wanna? Yea well that is me. I just don’t wanna.

But don’t worry I managed to learn how to blog; just for you guys! Feel loved.


You sent him WHAT?!?

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