Because, coffee. ☕️

I love LOVE coffe. I like black coffee. I like foofoo coffe. I like it all. With or with out creamer. Big cup small cup. Coffee is my friend. The first thing I think about when I wake up and the first thing that puts a smile on my face at 5am. If it weren’t for coffee the whole getting ready real early and then partaking in the extensive adulting would not go as smoothly as coffee makes it. The weekends my coffee is recreational; weekdays it is medicinal. We tried to have a Kruig in the house (which is an awesome invention) however we brew about 8-10 cups every pot. And by the time I leave for work there may be one cup left. I just love coffee. It’s the adulting fuel to keep us going and keep that smile on your face when your daily activities may not be so smile-worthy. 

Thank you coffee for all you do for me. You forever have my greatest gratitude. 

like really bad for you. but coffee comes in a close second

One thought on “Because, coffee. ☕️

  1. Love it ….love all the blogs . Just never have time to respond . Because you deserve more than just a “like button ” Keep them a comin. Hi Col

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