She said yes! And this time…it was me! 

Say what?!? Sh*t just got real! And I am now on the other end of being one of several on people’s news feed announcing an engagement. Such an experience. Already looking at wedding stuff and getting that planning going. 

I’ve been told already that I may be a bridezilla which I totally always though that would never be me…BUT I can totally see how that could happen. It’s your day and it’s going to have to be perfect. 

The best part about how I was purposed to was the simplicity and excitement between the two. He had the ring and told me he can’t wait any more. I was sitting in “my chair” and I look down and he is down on one knee asking to marry me. We were in jammies and fresh out of the shower. But that’s us and that’s why it was so perfect. 💘

He liked it …so he put a ring on it!

2 thoughts on “She said yes! And this time…it was me! 

  1. We haven’t had a wedding in this family since John and Denita almost 6 years ago so I’m excited. You will make a most beautiful bride! I’m also looking forward to getting to know Colin better. You should probably warn him (if you haven’t already). Lol

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