8 Ways To Become The MacGyver of Annoying People

Have you have started to befriend someone and you quickly learn that was a horrible mistake…Must. Abort. Mission. NOW. Well that has happened a time or two to me, so for that very reason I have came up with a list to MacGyver your way out of it.

  1. Fake receive a phone call. “Ooh have to take this one…going to be a long one”
  2. Try and turn every conversation about you Me Me Me
  3. Just start asking for money…like all the time.
  4. Occasionally throw in some inappropriate facts about yourself. The ones most people do not want to know.
  5. Interrupt. Oh were you talking?
  6. Let your facial expression speak for themselves. Kick up the resting bitch face.
  7. Slowly stop responding.
  8. Backwards compliment: “I love you how you made a dress from your grandmother’s drapes!” (my favorite.)


Now this list is also some characteristics of why I would NOT want to be someone’s friend. If thats is the case you’ll really have to up the anti if your trying to pull these moves on someone.

Good luck my friends; unfriend one annoying person at a time.

So just don’t annoy me..K?



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