Getting Old

You know you’re getting old when:

  1. You are in bed by 8pm
  2. Your bank account is filled with bills, gas stations, and Vons transactions 
  3. You’re excited about a new piece of furniture…or that your lawn is coming in nicely
  4. You buy the expensive laundry detergent instead of a new outfit 
  5. Planning a trip back home consists of seeing family and running errands instead of what old bar you want to hit up
  6. You have a set make up routine and know how to execute it even when running late 
  7. Coffee. Coffee is a staple in your daily meals 
  8. You buy Michelob Ultra Light beer because calories and your metabolism is not the same 
  9. Your credit score is something you actually care about 
  10. You truely believe anyone born a few years after you is SOOO young
This would really help me…like ALOT!

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