I hate HATE when I can hear some one chewing. It is literally the most horrific sound to me and will cause me to go from a calm cool and collected human to and insanely irritated woman. The chomping and slapping of the gums just sends me to a whole other level. Recently I have read that it’s a “condition”. The hatred of sound causing negative reaction. Well believe you me I have it! I have expressed my pure disgust for this and how my children will NEVER be allowed to chew like this. I know that I have probably jinxed myself and I will now have the loudest chewing children. All I have to say is their father better be ready to deal with an extremely mad mother and kids that don’t know how to chew…cause I won’t be dealing with that. 

This is a very accurate statement. You’ve been warned.

2 thoughts on “Misophonia

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