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The Walking Stupid.

TV time is a huge entertainment option for my man friend and I. And we have quite a few of “our shows” that I thoroughly enjoy. The Walking Dead  is NOT one of them. Watching The Walking Dead is like watching your mother give birth; you just don’t need to see it. You might think I do not enjoy it because of all the gruesome zombies and all the times I jump and scream from being scared but that is not the reason. The main reason is purely because of the utter lack of common sense that seems to continually occur. I guess that is a theme in the horror genre.

Oh there is an ice chest in a car with an active (I feel like saying live zombie would be an oxy-moron) zombie….let’s open the car and get the ice chest and almost get killed by the zombie who will surely attack me…”  Really?! Does that sound like a very smart decision?! No…NO it does not! Or… “Let’s leave a fully stocked vehicle of food and supplies to maybe go find more….oh sh*t someone else stole THE fully stocked truck we left behind.” 

I get the whole zombie epidemic; there has been a some good movies and what not. And I also understand the drama of the show, the love stories, and all other dynamics that I do find some of it interesting. HOWEVER the constant poor choices give me anxiety and I find myself yelling at the tv and my man friend laughing at me. So for me i choose to stay away from The Walking Dead…like do laundry or clean the bedroom while its on.

walking dead.jpg
Ok…He IS the cutest…so that’s something to look at.

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