Big Lips. 

So I have the typical “white girl” lips…non-existent. With all the Kylie Jenner lip crap going around…more of a plump lip is in style. That’s great and all of you have the money for some Botox or just have more lips than I do. With my search to find a way to fix this issue I have finally formulated my own steps to make my lips look bigger but not fake. And trust me that is kind of hard. And no I don’t suck into a container to do so.

 As you can see in photo 1 I do not have much lip going on. What I do is take my lip liner and line the outside of my lip (photo 2). This add just a little more girth as well as shading in order to make the actual lip more plump. I then add my lipstick which I usually choose A shade lighter to also go along with that shading thing. Finally I lightly blot the finished lips with foundation powder to make the color stay and the liner not smear. Cause really that is not attractive…like ever. Photo 3 is the finished product. Not insanely larger than photo 1 but way better than what I started with!


MAC Fruit Coctail Lipliner , MAC Mineralize Skinfinish , MAC Creamsheen Ravishing Lipstick


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