In love with love.

Since I was a little girl I was in love with love. Everything about it. I didn’t call it the Christmas tree…I called it “kiss-me-tree”. It wasn’t the “living room” I called it the “love room”. I just love love! So knowing all of that you would think I am some hopeless romantic wanting to be wooed left and right. Wrong. Romance tends to weird me out when it actually happens. I have said “oh could you be just a tad bit more romantic” and the response I got was “why? you get all uncomfortable when I am.” That is when it hit me I do! I do not like PDA and I don’t want any man to be overly romantic with me…it’s a sure way to make me say buh-bye. I’m kind of like a man like that. But even with all the cutesy romance crap being said I am still completely in love with being in love. Having that companion and respect from a partner in life; to me, it is a very empowering happy thing for me just don’t kiss me in public or get all mushy gushy with me! Cause I will definitely give you a look and it might be awkward. 

And this is how I would respond…

3 thoughts on “In love with love.

  1. True… PDA’s….but you always wanted to dance…..just like Belle and the Beast. πŸ™‚ and roll in and “Dip me Mommy” … Not your traditional romantic fairytale love story. It’s no wonder it was your fav. β™‘

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