D.I.Y. Flower Vase 🌼

It’s the little things. Like when you open the front door and your manfriend hands you some flowers he picked out of the ground. Cute. However being the somewhat young couple I do not have a cupboard filled with vases to grab and put the flowers in nor is there a  Target around to go buy one. And The ONE vase I had has been occupied with roses from Valentine’s Day. Anyhow I took the flowers and put them in a water bottle while I found something. Then I realized I had an empty salsa jar ready to be thrown out. So I grabbed it, cleaned it, filled it with water and voila mason jar vase for my cute little flowers…that are doing quite well if you are wondering! When I took the labels off there was a sticky reside so I took a little acetone to get that off. I feel like acetone is the female version of WD-40. So many uses. Anyway here is my finished product. Save those jars! 


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