Daylight Screw Your Day Up

“Happy Spring Forward!”And that is said in a very tired tone.

I have such mixed emotions regarding this time change. I love getting home from work and still feel like I have a little bit a day left to get somethings accomplished. Or even just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air before dark. However on the flip side…getting out of bed while it’s still dark outside?!? What is the nonsense?! I understand many many humans do this all year long but I am not one of them and do not like to be forced to do so. This morning was extra hard not only getting out of bed while it was dark, BUT also getting ready and it STILL being dark. I’m not okay with that. I like little rays of sunshine in the morning…I am not one….but I do like seeing them. 🙂


I wish I was as happy as Mary is about this.


2 thoughts on “Daylight Screw Your Day Up

  1. I totally agree with you. I have real physical issues adjusting to the time change both now & again in November when it changes back. Just wish it would stay one way or the other. Preferably, no day light savings. I no longer need to stay out and play until the street lights come on.


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