I love you more today; yesterday you were on my last nerve.

New relationship verses long term relationships:
  1. Dates
    • NEW: spent hours getting ready and making sure every detail was perfect
    • LTR: sweatshirt, couch, movie and possible definite glass bottle of wine
  2. Sleeping
    • NEW: all cuddles all night long
    • LTR: “No cuddling…its too hot…here you can hold my hand.”
  3. Crazy
    • NEW: NO WAY would you ever do anything to let him think you may be crazy
    • LTR: Oh you’re crazy and he knows – “You HAVE to love me!!!!”
  4. Intimacy
    • NEW: romance, romance, romance
    • LTR: Here is a kiss goodnight ♥
  5. Hygiene
    • NEW: You are always properly groomed and make-up applied
    • LTR: “You want me to shave my legs??? Um no…thats scheduled for next week…sorry.”
  6. Weirdness
    • NEW: You are still in the process of feeling him out to see what he might think is weird.
    • LTR: There is no stopping your weirdness; in fact you now test to see how far you can go with your weirdness.
  7. Bathroom
    • NEW: Every trip to the bathroom the door is locked and there is air freshener stashed somewhere..just in case.
    • LTR: Door is wide open…”Um I am getting ready do you HAVE to poop right now? Fine- but hurry up.”
  8. Fighting
    • NEW: More of a light bicker and someone gives in so that everything is “fine” (fine= girl code for “I’ll forget it for now but this will be brought up again in a few months” when the crazy starts kicking in)
    • LTR: You wake up in the morning and you can either smoother him with a pillow or make breakfast; you choose making breakfast.
  9. Jokes
    • NEW: You are still figuring out each other’s humor. “Ok, he did not find that one funny.”
    • LTR: You both have so many inside jokes that you border-line have your own language.
  10. Love
    • NEW: You are “in-like” deciding if you are going to let it grow to…
    • LTR: You start to realize real love and all the feelings it comes with. Ewwww!
The crazy inevitably happens.

One thought on “I love you more today; yesterday you were on my last nerve.

  1. 28 years and we both still lock the bathroom door. Thank you husband. Before we married, I use to stay awake until he left so as to not drool, snore or worse. Needless to say, those days ars long over.

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