Hometown sick. 

        With being 4 hours…260 miles…away from OC…hometown…it’s quite a mission to get there and see everyone on the list. And in all honesty sometimes you don’t realize you are hometown sick until…you’ve planned to go to your hometown for about two weeks and then this country weather gets in your way. This was my experience this afternoon: 

  • took off work early (this one is my favorite) 
  •  bags packed (yes plural even for two days)
  •  playlist made (some really good songs if I do say so myself ) 
  • Dishes done (couldn’t leave the house a total mess)

All in all I was ready to conquer this 4 hour tour. And then the wind god decided “um nope I’m going to blow 55mph …you aren’t going anywhere but your living room.” And while I thought-alright well I’ll have to plan another weekend it hit me…I’m hometown sick. I keep using “hometown” because realistically Independence, CA is now my home. It’s where I sleep every night, it’s where I eat every night, and where I drive to after a long day at work and I absolutely love it! But the OC is where all my family is and my roots. My Chipotle, my Target and yes most importantly my family. So tonight I shall be hometown sick. 

My Hannah {Little Sister. Age 12 } Shhh…she is my favorite.

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