Frog Encounter.

  Being in the country has brought ALOT of opportunities to try new things…things I never thought I would actually do let alone like doing them. My manfriend (boyfriend sounds too young…we’re adults now) well he convinced me that it would be a great idea to catch frogs. FROGS as is ribbit ribbit creatures in nature. Ok I’ll catch them…give me a beer bright flashlight…lets do this! To my surprise catching the frogs is NOT where he planned for this adventure to end. It was just the beginning. He felt as though I needed to try frog legs. And by try…yes physically eat cooked frog legs. Never thought that would be and opportunity I would encounter…OC doesn’t have a specific place that I can think of where frog legs is something you “try”. To my surprise I actually enjoyed these legs…and I was very surprised. However my favorite part was being able to tell people “yes I’ve tried frog legs…you should too. Be adventurous.”

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