You might live in a small town if…

-THE closest anything is 8 miles from your house : it’s a gas station with a casino inside! Penny slottin and pumpin gas 

-The town in which you live in has a post office but it is CLOSED on Saturdays : Um excuse me I have stuff to ship! 

-the only restaurant in your town is Subway : even that is inside of a gas station. 

-there is no target : yes I’m very hung up on my lack of target

-you made the population 575:

-you instantly learn not to ever forget anything you need from the grocery store : which is 40 miles one way from your house 

-when you look out your front door all you see is nature : I love that!

-you can ride your dirt bike right out of your garage and just go : also love 

-your neighbor is your coworker hairstylist car mechanic and bus driver : one stop shop 

-everyone know everyone and all your bizzzznasss!!! : no secrets…ever

-dressing up is very rare : like winning the lotto rare

-you can see all of the stars every night : beautiful

-you learn a lot about DIY : and fail a lot at DIY

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