Twenty-Five and A Half.

Twenty-five and a half today. And let me tell you it is NOT as important to make that clear when someone asks you as it was when you would say “No…I am 8 and a half!!!” This means that in exactly 6 months I’ll be 26! Which means rounded up is 30! Um excuse me? I’ll be starting the later years of my twenties and as much as the early years have flown by25andahalf.jpg I can’t even imagine how fast the next four years will go. My weekends are already filled with cleaning, laundry, and most of the time being in bed by 8pm. This past Christmas was the first year I received Christmas card from family and friends…as in mailed directly to me! You have reached a new age bracket when that starts happening. You’re not just the little girl in the family anymore you are now added the mailing list! That now makes me wonder sooo next Christmas I should be sending them some? All in all it is pretty exciting experiencing all the adult things you always thought were soooo far in your future, but no they are here now. So as much as I’d like to stay on my computer and do some online shopping I have a sink full of dishes and mounds of laundry to attend to.

3 thoughts on “Twenty-Five and A Half.

  1. Yes welcome to adulthood , it comes so fast . Get those chores done before the storms hit us and we loose power and always keep extra food . I could go on and on but you our dear …are beyond your years .

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    1. Every age is a fun age. Don’t worry about how fast it goes.Just remember the speed of your life is directly correlated to the fun and joy you are having. Trust me, crappy struggling live so sloooooooooooow. Fast lives are a blessing. HAVE FUN

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