Drive Time ; Its My Church.


I must say music defines me. I find a way, a memory, an experience, and even a feeling to relate to just about every song I hear and then end up belting it out in my car on my 35 miles to and from work every day. This one gets me. Its my current and very accurate theme song.

I’ve cussed on a Sunday
I’ve cheated and I’ve lied
I’ve fallen down from grace     
A few too many times          
But I find holy redemption
When I put this car in drive
Roll the windows down and turn up the dial  

Can I get a hallelujah
Can I get an amen
Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya
When I play the highway FM
I find my soul revival
Singing every single verse
Yeah I guess that’s my church

When Hank bring the sermon
And Cash leads the choir
It gets my cold, cold heart burning
Hotter than a ring of fire
When this wonderful world gets heavy
And I need to find my escape
I just keep the wheels rolling, radio scrolling
Until my sins wash away

We all need a way to release every emotion in us and THIS is the main way I take care of that.

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