Wash Time

contshamp.jpg As I was doing my nightly look-at-Pinterest-until-my-eyelids-are-heavy routine I stumbled upon a pin by Refinery29 about washing your hair with conditioner BEFORE shampoo. Now I’m pretty sure everyone is taught since childhood- shampoo THEN conditioner. But the “new” way makes so much sense. There are always those times ever once in a while where you forget to completely rince out all the conditioner and you’re stuck with a greasy gross patch.

So I decided to test this theory and see if the results were true!

  1. Apply conditioner as normal, let sit for a few minutes (go ahead and shave those legs you have been putting off)
  2. Apply shampoo OVER conditioner!
  3. Rinse out as normal.


  • More volume                                         √ Yup
  • Hair feels softer                                   √ Yes
  • Less likely to get oily                          √ Oh Ya!

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