OC to Independence.

I thought I would have my first post explaining a little why I decided to take on this blogging adventure. About 8 months ago I moved from Orange County to Independence, Ca (yes this is a real place.) I suggest you Google it. Click on Google Earth and then look for like three houses in the middle of no where and yup thats where I am now. Ha! Don’t get me wrong it is gorgeous up here and much more outdoor activity…BUT there is a lot that my new independent town does not have, number one being Target!!! And then like my family and some other important stuff. So while my only shopping options are K-Mart or Vons (and even they are 40 miles away) I have been able to learn some new things and experience a WHOLE lot. I thought that I would share with everyone all the fun DIY projects, make up and fashion styles that appeal to this now country girl, and the hilarious and eventful life I now live!skyThis picture I took right outside the road of my house. I’d say this beauty is worth not having a Target…well kind of!

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